macOS Troubleshooting

The modern Apple Mac operating system is a pretty sturdy product but just like any computer system it has its glitches and just like any other platform you can install 3rd party products on top of it which don’t “play nice” all the time.

In all likelihood if you have come to this web page then you’ve got at least one, if not several, of those glitches and the amount of time you’re losing trying to cope with the problems is making you think it’s worth while having an expert look at it.

What you get from engaging an expert is a knowledgeable dissection of the problem followed by a targeted set of remedial procedures. This is vastly different from having a relative or friend “take a bit of a look” for you!

If my diagnosis turns up a software or configuration problem then I can help.

If it turns up a hardware problem then I can give you the information you need to get the hardware repair rolling.

If it turns up an external issue (such as with your ISP, telco, or web host) I can help you to communicate the issue to them.

Contact me to talk through your specific problem and hopefully we can get it solved quickly.