Specialist Mac Support

Ph: 0416-070360
Email: info@glebemac.com.au
Remote Desktop: TeamViewer app

You’re tearing your hair out trying to solve your Mac issues?

You need a Mac, iPad, or iPhone to “just do everything”?

Your digital life needs synchronising between devices?

Your NBN connection has broken your wifi setup?

You’ve spent hours on hold with your ISP?

You’d like a “geek speak” translator?

You want value for money?

Glebe Mac Consulting concentrates on small businesses and home users in the inner suburbs of Sydney. Unashamedly a one person business, started by Graham McKay in 2010, giving more than 35 years of IT experience in large and small business that allows a full perspective when fixing problems and implementing solutions.

  • Apple Certified Support Professional
  • Specialist in configuration and connectivity issues
  • A geek who also speaks “plain English”
  • Easy help via phone & remote desktop connection
  • Competitive pricing ($55 per half hour)
  • Standard hours until 8pm