Email Portability

The ability to reliably receive emails is now pretty much a requirement for both professional and personal lives. There are two aspects to that which can be a great help or a great hindrance.

A Reliable Address

In the snail mail world a person or a company may hire a post office box so that when they move home or office they don’t need to make sure everybody updates their address book. Sure it carries a cost but the long term advantages justify that cost. Those advantages include it being a more “professional” sounding address and the ability to have the mail collected by different people.

In the email world there is a tendency for people to collect and discard email addresses quite quickly. Not only does this lead to confusion but potentially also means that important emails are never received. In the business world this can happen when yourcontacts send their emails to a personal address within your organisation rather than a functional address. eg. rather than In the private world it most often happens when you change your home ISP. eg. from to

Contact me to discuss the options that are available for both businesses and individuals to ensure that your address can remain constant “for life”.

Accessibility From Anywhere

The advent of smartphones that are able to stay connected to the internet from almost anywhere means that there is a growing perception that, similarly to having a mobile number, you will be contactable by email anywhere and anytime. Depending on your style of life or business you may want to encourage or discourage that, but it’s definitely helpful to have the ability if you need it.

Configuring your email account(s) and various internet connected devices appropriately can make sure that you have that connectivity and also, importantly, that all those devices can download and archive the emails they need to. You probably also want configuration that means you only have to delete the junk/spam/stupid emails once – not on every device!

Contact me to discuss the configuration you need such that your emails are viewable as needed from your laptop, iPhone, iPad, desktop, webmail etc.